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Mind Hero


Bring wellness and relaxation with you home - our new iPhone app

Mind Hero provides natural guided relaxations to calm your mind, relax and increase your energy.

Calming the mind is not an easy task.

From a very young age, our mind is trained to constantly be active. To experience peace of mind, which we all long for, is now quite a challenge. For over 30 years our team at Mind Hero has been researching stress management and relaxation figuring out the best tools and technology to help people wind-down and relax. By relaxing we are able to rebalance and increase our capacity for life. Mind Hero is the culmination of our experience and knowledge in one highly effective, yet simple to use app.

  • 20+ guided relaxations for various occasions and issues
  • 20+ background music and sounds of nature
  • Mixing guided relaxation and backgrounds results in over 400 possible combinations
  • Import your own relaxation audios through official Music app, using our app as your main relaxation hub
  • Keep yourself motivated and measure your progress with the Aura Score and Zen Moments
  • Save favorite combinations for instant access
  • Works offline
  • Relaxation reminders to keep you on track with your practice

More info:

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