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Partial Massage

A quick fix for your back, foot or head

Hours on the computer, long journeys and unwanted thoughts cause tension and exhaustion. For those with little time already 30 minutes of massage will bring relief and refreshment. Add sauna, infrared and a few lengths in the pool and you have a balanced and pleasant fitness routine.

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Back Massage 30 min. / 58 €
Intensive energy massage with meridian treatment and acupressure, easing tension and pain in back, neck and shoulders and allowing for more mobility and sense of lightness.

Back Massage 45 min. / 85 €
Intensive energy massage with meridian treatment and acupressure. Eases tensions in back and neck.

Chinese Reflexology 30 min. / 58 €
Traditional Chinese foot massage. Relaxing recovery treatment. Elegant and effective remedy against headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, digestive problems, and stress in general.

Head Massage 30 min. / 58 €
Dry acupressure for face, head, and neck. Traditional Chinese treatment easing headaches and tension of neck and shoulders and promoting inner peace.

Melt Away 20 Min. / 38 €
Immediate relief from aches and pains in shoulders, neck, and head. Magical and no fuss dry acupressure treatment in sitting position and remaining dressed.

Melt Away 30 Min. / 58 €
Immediate relief from aches and pains in shoulders, neck, and head. With no-fuss acupressure treatment while seated and remaining clothed this dry massage works magic.

Back Bliss 45 Min. / 74 €
Refreshing and cleansing peeling for a smooth back followed by a deep back massage.

Head, Face & Decolette Massage 45 Min. / 85 €
Ideal for letting go of tension, brain chatter and also lines this enjoyable, holistic massage covers many important pressure points of face, neck, shoulders and upper back, leaving you feeling refreshed and looking great.

Meridian Hand Massage 20 Min. / 38 €
Chinese arm and hand massage while remaining seated or laying. Can be performed while still in your clothes.

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