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Day Spa

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Energy Clinic Day Spa Hamburg

Relax and refresh body and mind with treatments and massages in the ENERGY CLINIC at the Hotel Atlantic. Based on ancient Far Eastern knowledge to meet the requirements of a busy 21st-century life, our choice of treatments will regenerate and rejuvenate you. The benefit and results of our treatments are drawn from traditional Chinese as well as special Energy knowledge.

Care and services are offered in five areas:
Cosmetics and Beauty
Spa (Fitness, Pool, Sauna)

Life is based on Energy. If we release tension and blockages with relaxing treatments, we will feel light, fresh, and full of energy. Energy is not only a physical power. Having plenty of energy will result in better health, more abilities, and more life enjoyment, which is what we all wish for.

Energy Clinic treatments are fully choreographed. After each treatment, we feel body and mind naturally refreshed. Regular treatments will maintain a high level of Energy.

Our staff is regularly allowed time to practice natural relaxation. This allows them to always be ready to smile and help you forget your daily worries and enter a wonderfully relaxed and natural world to regain your energy.

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