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4 and 6-Hand Massage

4-Hände massage
4- and 6- Hand Massage - Let go completely!

In our lives, we need to keep up with the numerous demands placed on us and when we want to relax we find it difficult to unwind.

A massage with one therapist is always beneficial, but if we really need to let go to recover our energy a 4- or 6-hand massage with its synchronized movements provides a deeper relaxation and a stronger stress antidote.

In a massage with several therapists, it soon becomes impossible for our minds to follow the movements of four or six hands working in a synchronized choreography. At this moment we inevitably let go. We begin to relax and enjoy and can now receive fresh energy, which flushed the body, harmonizes and regenerates us on every level, making us feel like a new person.

As a special gift for an important person in your life or as your own energy source, this treatment is an unforgettable experience which will renew and inspire you.

Press: DIE WELT, Six hands for the soul (GER)

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4-Hand Massage 45 Min. / 165 €
Synchronised massage with two therapists for arms, décolleté, belly, legs and back.

4-Hand Massage 60 Min. / 208 €
One hour synchronized massage with two therapists for arms, hands, décolleté, stomach, legs, feet and back.

Cellucon Wrap & 4 Hand Massage 75 min. / 158 €
Intensive toning and regenerating effect with our Cellucon Plus treatment. Detox cocoon and dynamic 4-hand massage. Most popular with the ladies, toning the body and utterly refreshing the spirit. For a weight loss program please ask for our packages of 5 or 10 treatments.

6-Hand Massage 45 Min. / 265 €
Synchronised luxury massage with three therapists for a head, arms, hands, décolleté, stomach, legs, feet and back. A unique relaxing experience.

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